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The tank is taking shape- here are some screenshots. It is designed for both the ADV and the SE.

This is taken from the inside (tire side) as it was the easiest perspective to label everything from.

Here it is from the outside:

We used a translucent material in the model (as we will on the production version), so the backside contours show through. The outside of the tank is essentially flat.

Taken from the front/ inside:

Rear/ outside:

The usable volume will be over 2 gallons, with the weight concentrated absolutely as far forward and down low as possible, both for mass centralization and to minimize the load on the subframe.

Material will be cross-link polymer- super strong. I intend to have them made in natural so that you can easily see your fuel level, but it should be possible to make a black or colored version if enough people wanted it.

There will be 3 mount points: the exhaust hanger, the subframe where the distributor pipe used to mount, and the passenger peg.

The upper 2 mounts will take the weight, and are both rubber mounted on the bike side, key for long life in tough environments. The passenger peg mount is for stability, to keep the tank from swinging in on a big hit. The pass peg mount will bolt to the back of the peg on the ADV, we still have to figure out exactly how it will work on the SE (the passenger pegs on the SE don't have a mount point). In addition, we'll have an optional bracket for SE owners that didn't get passenger pegs.

The lower edge of the tank is parallel with the swingarm at full compression, and there is lots of clearance between the tire and tank, and the chain and tank. I had a baja designs tank on my 525, and wasn't anxious to repeat those issues.

The tank will work with the stock KTM racks on an Adventure, as well as with Caribou case racks. It should also work with SW motech quick release racks although I haven't had a bike with those on which to verify. It will not work, sadly, with Jesse luggage, as the Jesse bags turn in beneath the pipe and take up the same real estate as the tank.

There are still too many vendors involved to commit to a timeline yet, but I hope early summer. Final pricing is tbd, but our target is below $400 (including the tank and all hardware, but not a 2 into 1).

The "we" in question is Kurt from Black Dog Cycle Works. I've gotten to know Kurt through Baja and his work on the Black Dog skidplates, and we've been working on this together from the start. All sales of this stuff will go through his shop, which will provide great customer service as he does with all his products.

For anyone that wants to preorder, we will be offering a significant discount, but we're waiting until we have our ducks in a row and a timeline we can commit to before we take any $$.

Now, 2 into 1's: The vendor has been much slower than promised, but at last we are making progress. I should have the SE first article this week, which I'll dyno together with the Remus pipe and then we'll make those available. For those of you who have PM'd, I'll get back to you as soon as we have a committed timeline.

We'll also be dynoing a 950/990 adventure prototype this week, and get those into production as well. Complete Dyno charts will be up here...

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