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Originally Posted by vospertw
Maybe you guys mentioned this already and I missed it. What are you getting mpg? How's the seat? Could you put a couple hundred miles on it?
After ~100 mile break-in on the street I filled the tank and went for a dual-sport ride.
This was ~70 miles dirt (w/ ~8,000' elevation change in 1st-3rd gear) plus 34 miles streets/highway (w/ ~2000 ' elevation change).
Fill up took 1.65 gal for an avg ~63 mpg. Not bad for a new bike.

Expect to average 55-60 mpg in the dirt as I ride it harder and maybe 65 mpg on tarmac.
Should be able to eek out about 110-120 miles with the stock tank (1.9 gal).
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