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Hi Steve,

The Italians love them for fashion wear... It seams the older the better they like them beat up and "real looking"... We had a load of them at our booth for the Daytona 200 bidding on customers coats that were just hanging out with us wearing their waxed coats having a beer or two .. We hung a nice one up for a mate of ours who lives in Florida.. He was offered $2000 but when it came to handing it over could not bear to part with his memories... So he took it home. That's what we like to see...

A few years ago we had someone go by our booth at Daytona wearing a first year production jacket and we offered him a free trip to the UK and a new coat in exchange for the jacket ( we wanted it for a historic display). He said it was willed to him by his best mate who was Scottish Motorcycle Police and that he was given it at the funeral by his mates wife. The jacket had now outlived both his wives as well and he would be buried in it... No giving it up.. Our kind of customer..

If anyone cares Will Smith was wearing one in The Legend Movie..
Malcomb Smith still wears his much more important..

Did you see what Steve McQueens went for, then again what was it $7000 for his Visa card.. Still the king of COOL..

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