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Another bike to consider is the dualsport Honda XR650L. Dog slow by XR650 standards, but it's simple, has electric start, and all the street gear. Aggressive knobbies like the D606's give it some headshake at 70 mph, but more street-oriented tires will fix that. There are plenty of used ones available, and they can be improved with a few mods. It's a pig, but it's more dirt-oriented than a KLR and is arguably more durable.

Jim Stanley gave a slide show on his 9 month, 40k mile trip around South America on his old XR650L. I attended, and was amazed that the bike not only held up, but out-performed his companions' bikes (including expen$ive BMW's). He even ran a 7-day, WRC-style race in Ecuador with a sick engine and finished 2nd in his class! He's mpw thinking about riding it around the world.

His bike prep info is here.
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