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hopefully, this weekend.

I need to order new fork seals most likely. Since I've had no oil in these, they're likely shot. Kawi dealer hasn't got them in stock, and I'm still waiting for the $5 oring I ordered two weeks ago for the starter (grrrrrr)

Will be using ATF for fluid, stock springs, and putting in a longer spacer made of PVC above the springs. Need to replace my stock boots, as they're in pieces at present.

The idiots at Cyclegear kept showing me shock boots when I asked for fork seals. The new crew over there SUCKS. Don't think they even ride.

I may just go ahead and top off the forms with ATF tonight when I get home from work, so I can see if the seals weep. If they don't, I won't sweat it. Still gonna have to pull them from the triples though, to install boots. While I'm in there, might as well adjust the headset too.

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