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Originally Posted by SocalRob
I just noticed that the very first post in this thread was March 18, 2007.

GS1200's were being purchased in Sept. of 2005.

I understand that the EWS error is often seen at very low mileages.

Where were all the failures for 18 months???

I raise these points becaus, taken together, they seem to indicate to me that either BMW had better antennae rings in the early bikes, or, more likely, IMO, the failure rate is really very, very low, and it took until tens of thousands of bikes were on the road until the problem of 40 some failures reported here raised its ugly head.

Dammit, will I or won't I fork out good money for a spare ring??????????
You raise good points, but ... let me throw another wrench into the works

Tag's study and your comments could suggest another issue: not everybody is willing to be the first to raise the subject of a problem that they had, or even knew that it was anything to be concerned about.

I wonder how many people, particularly in the early stages, or those whose "oddometer" (at the time) read 1, simply Googled "r1200gs AND EWS warning" (or similar. You get the idea).

In the early days (before this thread, or before it gained inertia), Google may have returned very little or no actual information.

This issue may have existed -- in similar or dissimilar numbers -- BEFORE this thread existed. The thread, however, achieved prominence in Google searches, allowing it to gather a bit of momentum, and -- perhaps -- leading people to sign up and air their grievance about DBS (Dead Beemer Syndrome).

Given time, and subsequent postings by each of these people, we'd lose track of whether or not EWS was their first ... unless it was and is their only (some stayed in the community. Others ... well ... fuck the others )

Does that make sense?

As always, we all put up good theories ... but ... none of us knows a damned thing

So ... anecdotally ... we have this (correct me if I'm wrong):
  • some people have had the failure twice -- once on the OEM ring and once on the replacement ring, but ...
  • AFAIK ... NOBODY has had the problem NOT be solved by a replacement or invoking their spare.
Is that right?

If so, then the cheap insurance* IS STILL found in buying and carrying the spare (and learning how to install it in the field) ... in whatever BMW's latest part number is.

Does that sound right to everybody?

I have ab-so-lute-ly no illusions that BMWNA is going to assign an engineer to come on AdvRider and sort this through, using us as sounding boards for their bug-fix process, BUT ... it would be good if -- realizing that we are NOT (largely!) the enemy, and that we ARE (largely) all hoping for the same end -- they would involve "us," somehow, in the process.

I think if they let Poolside loose with THEIR toys, and all the keys to the kingdom, he'd beat this thing in about an hour


*Actually, MY way IS cheaper: hold out in hopes that YetiGS will buy one, and then head to WARPED with him
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