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What kind of off roading do you plan on doing?

The Dakar will do gravel roads pretty well, but when you get into sand it tends to roll over to take a nap without much warning. DAMHIK.

I am really impressed by how well the Dakar handles on the road, but it is not as dirt oriented as a KTM. I find that the Dakar is happiest going over really shitty roads with bumps, potholes, gravel patches, sand, and a mix of things. It also loves really tight twisty stuff in the mountains. I bought the Dakar for a Dual Pupose, but I find I am riding further away from home over mountain roads while grinning ear to ear when I get home.
If you use Geico watch out. The buyout for my car was way below any objective figure (KBB, NADA, etc.). Also, I could not get in touch with anyone on the first try during a claim resolution.

Just because it's a zoo out there doesn't mean you have to view it from a cage!

Don't be an impulse buyer... afterall you have time..
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