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Installed my rack a couple days ago and have had a couple solid days of use out of it during my commute. Let me just say that this sucker will pay for itself time and time again. It's affordable (compared to others) and very funtional. To people wondering why other racks similar to this have longer slots for tie downs (like the pic of the one on the 1st page of this thread) vs. circle holes to hook into....the slots just leave more room for the strap/bungie to vibrate and wiggle around in. The Kildala rack is super easy to mount and is very solid. I also like that its not as overwhelming as other words it gets the job done without looking like the rack is going to take over the whole bike!!! Thanks Rick, you're the man. Rick is part of a dying breed of easy and amazing people to do business with. AAAAAAAAA++++++++
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