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I'll admit to being a SOTGSOTT rider.

Helmet-always but the type varies i.e.; MX style, full face, or 3/4. depends on the ride and the weather.

Eye protection-always; Goggles, prescription riding glasses or face shield. Again with me it depends on the ride and the weather.

Boots-always; MX style, "biker style", or work boots. depends on the ride AND the mood that I'm in.

Long pants-always; Usually plain old Levi's but, could be riding pants or kevlar too.

Gloves-always; could be riding gloves or just good leather work gloves. The best pair of "riding gloves" that I have were bought at a LEO uniform store. Fairly heavy pigskin with a Kevlar liner. Light weight with an elastic cuff. I've had them for ten years and, they're still hangin' in there.

Jackets-optional; some with armor, some without. Depends on what I'm doing and the weather.

Shirts vary with the weather, yeah I know yada yada, yeah I ride in a t-shirt during the hot summer months.

Well tha's my $0.02 (if it's worth more, I want a refund!)

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