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I'm lost as to what to try next so I was hoping one of you guys could help. When I put the bike away for the winter it was running well. I change the oild tear apart the carb, and fresh gas... Now it starts like it used to, one kick but, it revs high but besides that runns great for about 1 min or just far enough, usually down a hill, away from my tools and a safe place to wrench. (far and few between on a college campus) So then i try and kick start it for a few and it usually starts with only a little more trouble than usual. But now it revs high and has no power, shifting into gear is enough to kick it. Adjusted the clutch, I first thought that to be my problem, but no... I can fiddle the choke, as i had to last year, to get it to idel right but still no power. If I give it gas it will hesitate then rev but still once i try to get it rolling it just bogs and dies unless i grab the clutch. I was thinking maybe the petcock, its old and needs to be replaced but up until now has been working ok. I was thinking that the bowl was draining out of gas and not filling up fast enough to keep going? Once it sits for a while, 20 min or so, and I start it it will then act like it did in the beginning, runs great for a min or so. Only 2 weeks left untill summer break and i'll tear it down at home and paint it up nice replacing all the old warn parts, but for now its just taunting me sitting outside the dorm window. Thanks for any help!
1989 Yamaha XT350
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