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Originally Posted by EvilGenius
I'm new and as far as gear goes ive got a modular helmet, gauntlet gloves and a tourmaster jacket. Once I get enough experince I'll start commuting to work, but the problem is I dont have anywhere to store my gear once there. A jacket is fine but I dont have a locker or anything and I dont want to leave my helmet and gloves in the open. Also we're not allowed to have non see through bags. Although I might be able to be them to make an exception.
I'd have to ask what you ride, where you work, and what parking security is like. I hardly go anywhere without a locking topbox, it's just too convenient. But if parking security isn't too bad, you might find a cable lock is enough to lock riding pants & helmet to the bike.

Does anyone know of gear you could wear all day long, compacts down well or be worn over regular clothing and can be taken off without taking my boots off?
There's quite a bit of gear that can go on/off over street clothes- An Aerostich RoadCrafter jumps to my mind, but that might be because I just wish they'd hurry up and get my new one shipped. They're spendy, but worth it, and can be found on fleaBay for reasonable prices. There are other things, including fairly lightweight mesh gear, that should go on over street clothes; the best thing is to go to a dealer and start trying to get in/out of things.
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