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I always have a helmet, jacket, gloves and over the ankle boots. My riding boots are so easy to put on and I just feel safer on them holding up my GS Adventure. As for pants, I will ocassionally ride in plain old jeans...however 99% of the time I either wear riding pants with armor, over pants with armor or a pair of Hood Riding Jeans (most of the time with armor, once in a while without). So I guess that makes me a MOTGATT.

What I like to think about when I start to rationalize on my gear is how hard the damn pavement feels when all I'm doing is kneeling on it to check my tire pressure before a ride. Go out to the asphalt and just drop to your knees. I've never done that, it sounds to painful Now imagine hitting it at 60mph. That gets me into the gear all the time.
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