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I'm pushing 100,000 miles of riding. (Not a record by any means I know but a fairly experienced rider.)

I actually enjoy riding in Levis and a t-shirt without a helmet. (In the right weather and not city riding.) But I live in Washington where there's a helmet law so often ride my LT with an HJC half helmet if the weather is nice. When touring I always have both a half and fullface with me on that bike.

I always wear a fullface for city riding - too many idiots aorund here. I always wear gloves, protective eyewear and riding boots.

I usually wear a well-armored mesh, textile or leather jacket. Draggin jeans or armored pants depending on the weather.

On my other bikes, I always wear a full-face Arai Quantum because of the wind. I figure if I'm going to wear a helmet, I might as well have a good one.

Been down twice, one serious accident that totaled the bike and damaged my knee a bit, one not so bad low side into a ditch. In both instances I was wearing a fullface Arai Quantum. In neither case did my helmet touch the ground but in the last few milliseconds before impact I was damned glad to have it on. I suppose I should've learned something from those experiences, guess not...
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