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My step father had a little bike shop when I was a kid. Unfortunately for me, he went out of buisness when I was 7. His favorite bike was always a TT 500, but he never rode or raced one because he was a really short guy, and he had problems starting them so he rode a Yamaha 360 2 stroke.

Even after he went out of buisness, he would tune bikes for racers on occasion, and for awhile he sponsored a guy on a TT. He had a TT motor in a flattrack frame that had crazy compression. It would blow the head gasket every 200 miles or so, but it ran like hell. People were always asking if they could ride it because they heard how fast it was. He always said "Go ahead, if you can start it". Did I mention he was a bit sadistic? He would set the timing off just a tad, which would cause it to backfire and the kickstarter would kick back. It would break a foot if you didn't have a riding boot on or didn't know the right starting drill. He got so much fun letting people try to start that bike. When they would fail and get hurt, he'd walk over, put a milk crate next to it, and since he knew the right drill, he'd start it with ease even with the timing off.

I'm looking for a really cheap XT or TT to do some AHRMA races on if any comes around, let me know by PM. I already have 4 bikes, so I need a cheap one. I don't mind working on one, as long as it runs I don't care about appearance or any of that stuff.
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