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i think it is what ever YOU feel comfortable wearing. me, i weat ATGATT no exceptions. my commute is 4 miles and i wear ATGATT. today after work i went approx 2 miles to visit my uncle, again ATGATT no exceptions. tomorrow i plan on riding approx 180 miles of backroads and i will be wearing all the gear. it does not matter how far i go it's all the gear all the time with no exceptions for me. do i get teased about wearing my gear from the guys/girls at work, yup i sure do but then again i average approx 15,000 miles a year MORE then any other rider at work. maybe if i only rode in nice weather, when it wasn't too cold or when it isn't raining or didn't put the miles on the bike that i do i might think differant but for me it is ATGATT with no exceptions. the proper gear will save your life, unless it is sitting home in your closet.
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