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Originally Posted by Sycamore
Hey Chris

I've you've been out of the saddle for a long time, and you go into soft sand, it's going to feel very weird - like you say, "all over the show". You lose a lot of the control that normally you take for granted, and that takes getting used to.

You can make it a bit better by keeping off the front brake and using the throttle aggressively (give more power when you feel like you're losing it) and keeping your weight back, but basically soft sand has a lot to do with just learning to live with that "almost out of control" feeling, and relaxing.
It gets better and better.

In soft stuff, think of the bike as a boat - you've got to keep the front end light to stop it digging in. That means weight back, and lots of throttle to keep the front up. Cornering is hard - as you slow down, front tends to dig in, and you drop the bike. So corner in a bigger arc, shift your weight to the peg in the direction u want to turn, and keep the power on.

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Hi Sycamore. Many many thanks! That is exactly the kind of info I was looking for! Looks like the rest is upto me now. Guess the XT is going to have to get used to being dropped a few times until I get it right

Thanks again
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