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Two points:

-I crashed once in ATGATT on a dirt/ice road doing about 35. Bike started to lowside, got traction and decided to high side, sending me flying. I got up with a bloody lip and a sore shoulder, think I cracked it. Now....had I been in something less than ATGATT I would be telling a worse story. I wear what's comfortable, both emotionally and physically. My typical for warm weather local riding is draggin jeans, kili air, and an XD helmet. Warm weather long distance call for the same uppers and over-pants over shorts.

-Second point is about the footwear issue; think about what your feet do. They hold up your fat asses, provide balance, my mother lowsided a tw200 and hurt her ankle listening to my cruiser riding father on how to take a corner on loose dirt. She was down for most of the riding season. Quite frankly, I would rather lose my primary arm, than the mobility in one of my feet. Feet are very complicated body parts and deserve the same protection as your head.
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