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Judo Lessons

So we traded lessons alright. I was out riding near Palm Springs and I called Glen. He said come on by, it was a throwing class. Not the best for my first time but since I knew how to ride a motorcycle, I'd be OK.

And then he had me pair up with a 110 pound girl who had me on the mat quicker than Flug checking a SV post for pictures.
It was like overload and I am anxious to go and learn more.

Actually, the ways we treach are quite similar and he is exactily right about the practice part. I actually practice stuff that is way harder than I'll ever encounter in the regular world so it seems easy when I get to it. And my level goes up quite a bit. What I considered hard a few years ago is way easier that it used to be.

Heather doesn't like me practicing all that Judo stuff on her all the time though.

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