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La Mina

One Saturday night Gavin and I went to La Mina ("the mine"). Zacatecas was built from the wealth of hundreds of silver mines, one of which is underneath the town itself. The El Edén mine offers tours during the day and at night... becomes a nightclub! One of the large caverns has been converted into a modern club worthy of any major city in the world.

First you ride deep into the mountain on a MINE TRAIN!

Here's what it looks like during the day:

Here's what it looks like after you've had a few beers:

Off the train, you walk down a narrow corridor...

...into the main space:

Early in the night they played a lot of American/UK favorites, later in the night they played Mexican pop favorites. The crowd was rockin' with lots of salsa dancing and singing. This is one of my favorite things about Mexican culture - everyone sings together in bars! I have made it my mission to memorize the words to Estos Celos and El Rey.

That's Raul waving in the middle of this pic:

Gavin and I hung out with two Mexicanas also staying at the hostel, a doctor and a lawyer vacationing from Moncolva in the north. Rosalba:


The four of us became very close over the next week. It worked *wonders* for my Spanish fluency

Gavin took much better pictures than I did, but here's a few cute ones:

On the hostel roof terrace (it gets COLD in Zacatecas!):

We rode the girls up to La Bufa on the bikes. I confess that, with only two helmets between us, Gavin and I rode helmetless - and very carefully. Yes, yes, I know.

Back in Las Quince Letras:

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