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Originally Posted by Duane1969
I looked in the FAQ section and saw a picture of one temp. installed (zip tied) next to the failed one on the bike. Evidently, a temp. fix out on the trail to get home. But I was wondering, is there an illustration of a "how to" on the replacement of this part.

From looking at it, there appears to be 2 small screw that remove a protective cover over the ring and then it looks like you unplug it and it just pops out with a screwdriver or something. Is this correct??? I would just want to be prepared to do the swap if need be.

My bike is an 08' GSA.


If youre' talking about replacing the entire ring antenna, I'm pretty sure it's installed with one-way security screws that need to be drilled out. Afterwards, some people install non-security screws for easy replacement.
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