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MOTGATT here... but mostly because it's the only real option I have.

Finding proper riding gear in my size is somewhere between "extremely hard" and "impossible". I finally got a properly armored riding jacket custom-made for me by the nice ladies at Bates. 3XL helmets are finally easy to find thanks to HJC. Getting boots for Size 14-wides sucks ass, let me tell you... but I did finally get a set of Icons that worked (even if only ankle high). Gloves, luckily, normal 2XLs fit me just fine.

But pants? That's the hard part. Leather, assless chaps, draggin' jeans... nobody will ever make them in my size. I had the Bates ladies make me a set of riding pants to go with the jacket but it's like trying to strap on the lower half of a sherman tank. As a result I do most of my riding in normal bluejeans.

At this point since I'm riding a cruiser (Valkyrie) these days, I might actually get a set of side-clip only chaps made, so at least I have some leather on the lower extremities. It's not real road armor, but it'd be better than just jeans.

I might also get a custom leather jacket made for the short commute to work, since the Bates jacket is more like an IronMan suit than anything else. A normal heavy-leather jacket can at least fit in the saddlebag when I go in to the office, or hang on the cube wall without blocking the whole dang entry.
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