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What's that funny noise?
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If you are saying that by standing on the pegs, one lowers the CG, then I disagree. I hope this wasn't one of the lessons in physics that you alluded to earlier in your otherwise excellent post.
I hear that a lot. I don't have a degree in physics nor have I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express lately, but here comes a wad of specualtion on my part to muddy the waters Standing on the pegs actually RAISES the combined center of gravity of the rider/bike. However, what it also does is change the location where the mass of the body acts against the bike relative to the ground. When sitting, the inertial forces from the mass of your body generally get trasmitted to the bike at the seat. The moment arm for those forces is from the seat to ground, a rather long moment arm. However, when you stand, those forces are now transmitted to the bike at the pegs resulting in a much shorter moment arm relative to the ground. The reason I think this helps is because your body can get tossed around without generating as much of a distrubing torque on the bike from side to side. It also makes it easier to quickly shift your weight to the front/back or side/side.

Also, I just heard that it is against the law to have a GPS in Russia, so take precautions to smuggle it in and hide it when you aproach military checkpoints.
Against U.S. law or Russian law?

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