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I used (another) one of my nine lives. Gavin and I were riding a dirt road punctuated by occasional concrete/cobblestone dips where streams would cross the road if there was any water. I failed to notice one until the last second as I was doing a good 60-65mph. The dip was short but deep.

I had been playing with the dips, trying to figure out a good speed that might get some air on departure without plunging into the hole on entry. Generally the process is to hover on the footpegs, stand as the bike drops out from under me, then let my legs compress again as the bike comes up the other side. The best I had yet managed was getting the frontend up, probably less than a foot.

I saw my impending doom at the last second, just soon enough to bleed off 10-15mph of speed and set my weight. OH FUCK went through my head, along with a quick mental image of my body hitting dry rocky compacted dirt at 50mph. The bike fell away and then in no time it came back up to meet me... and kept going. I distinctly remember two things as I held on to the tank with my knees: The feeling of weightlessness that lasted eerily long, and the uncanny appearance of the ground, much farther away than I normally expect to see it. The front tire hit first, followed by the rear a fraction of a second later. The suspension didn't even bottom out. I managed to control the landing, but just barely - I ran the bike into a rough ditch off the road but kept the bike upright. Somehow I was laughing by the time I came to a stop.

I probably wasn't more than a few feet off the ground and hang time was less than two seconds... but it scared the shit out of me. Sadly, I didn't think to take pictures of the site.

This event could have gone a lot of different ways; I entirely blame my lack of (likely significant) injury on superior equipment. I assure you, my continued survival has nothing to do with skill or experience - of which I have neither with respect to airborne motorcycles. Thank you, my Austrian friends.

Gavin's comment: "Don't do that again."
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