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Originally Posted by Wozzer
Thanks for the tips, very helpful - is it generally agreed that bmw motorcycles are not as reliable as the Japanese manufacturers, or is it just the high cost of service?
People think BMW are as reliable as stones.
People think German Engineering is really good.

Me I don't. Yet I still like them.
However I'm now partial to airheads rather then the new BMW's
The good news is that you can get parts for BMW from BMW for a long time after they stop making your bike
The bad news. You will pay for that with more expensive parts cost.
Shop costs also tend to be higher per hour and the flat rates seem to be for longer times as well.

As for maintainence here's something to think about.
My personal ride is an 04 DL650
13,000 miles and the only issue I have is that there is a tiny amount of rust on the bike.
That's it. I'm still on the first chain even with plenty of life left in it.

I care for the following bikes.
HP2, K1200Rsport, Xmoto.
All of these bikes have less then 5000 miles on them.
All of these bikes have been at the dealer for needed services outside of "normal" serivces like oil changes and the like.

Some of the bikes (the HP2 especially) gets the most miles put on it
going to the dealer. it's been there at least 4 times and not once was it for a normal service.
There was a brake fault, two recall repairs and a cracked exhaust pipe

all of this happened with less then 2000 miles on the bike.

as it's often said.
Your mileage may vary.
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