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Originally Posted by Grider Pirate
Jetting considerations aside, our motorpool gets oil analysis on every oil change. Someone once had the bright idea of saving money on air filters by going to the serviceable K&N's, the next cycle of oil analysis showed that silicates (grindy sandy bits) had skyrocketed. They went back to stock filters.
Let me understand this ('cause I run dual K&N filter pods on my '82 R100)...Are you directly attributing an increase in silicates to the K&N?

Any other variables you might consider besides the K&N, such as riding in dusty environments, dirt riding, longer change frequency??? Anything else?

I'm curious because although I may concede the square OEM filter may seal better than the K&N and that's just a guess, I really cannot imagine a filter POD, appropriately treated with the oil impregnating sequence could deliver any measurable increase in silicates even on just ONE change! I cannot imagine ANY increase using the really does not compute

Before anyone should be willing to diss a product like the K&N's (at least the pods) I'd say lets here more experiences...I really can't buy that story at this point!


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