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Two friends and I are planning an extended trip and since we all ride GS's we deciced to pool our resources and purchase a spare Ring antennae from our dealer. One of the guys had ring failure at 4200 miles.
I went to the dealer armed with the part numbers listed on this forum and guess what. He said the numbers I had listed were obsolete.
The numbers I presented him were 61357714207 which I understood was replaced by 61357717136. He looked up the antennae ring and said the part number ending in 207 was replaced by part number 61357705247.
Also, to confuse the issue even more he said the new part number was listed at $82.50 and the 207 price was around $140. It's hard to believe BMW would have such a large (or any) price reduction. He insist that the information is correct. Has anyone been given this 247 number by their dealer?
Our dealer claims he has never ordered an antennae ring and has none in stock. I checked with the service manager and he confirmed that this dealer has had no customers with antennae ring failures that he was aware of. We decided to order trhe Ring and check with this site to see if we could confirm the validity of this part number. I would appreciate your input.
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