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I haven't been off this thing long enough to update the thread, 1400 miles/ 50 hours or so and counting.

Anyway, setup.

I got it home only to be attacked by a giant funny talking texan.

First thing was to rip off all the smog stuff:

In general, it's just unplugging carb breathers from wherever they go and dangling out the bottom like usual, but there's one vacuum line coming from the manifold that needs to be blocked. The easiest way is to pull the barbed fitting out and replace it with a correct length bolt.

Off with you!

Be gone!

All in all, much less involved in desmogging than I anticipated/ feared. Just track each line back to it's source and make sure that nothing with vacuum goes to the atmosphere.

Pyn wanted to look at the valves so we opened it up right away.

Very nice and easy to work on, much better than the RFS in this regard. For what it's worth, in 1400 miles of flogging, mine haven't moved yet, which is also better than the RFS.

The stock sidestand is ducati-tastic in terms of folding up when pressure is released. That had to go. Take a shorter bolt like the one that is in there, (a sprocket mounting bolt is the correct length) and simply remove the spacer. Wallah! A normal kickstand.

There's a bit of a rat's nest behind the headlight. I unplugged everything I didn't want then worked backwords to restore functionality. I ditched the turn signal pod, key, and associated crap, and then jumped two spots to turn the lights on when running and make the starter work any time.

Here are the two jumpers:

While I had everything apart, I put on the first upgrade, a Scott's steering damper- "the magic gold box".

I've tried all the different GPR's, and the WER, and I think the Scotts is head and shoulders above them in terms of performance and function. I've heard of too many failures from Emig and RTT to consider them...

Greased both steering head bearings a bit more than from the factory:

I didn't take a picture, but you should also loctite the bolts that hold the bar mounts to the upper triple clamp.

Mounted the damper post and damper and torqued everything down.

The second upgrade was also from Scotts, a sharkfin for the rear disk. After bending a disk in Vegas to Reno a few years back, I no longer consider this optional. Pro moto billet makes one that mounts to the stock brake carrier, but the Scotts piece is way beefier and I think the pick of the litter.

Mmmm. Billet.

While the rear wheel is off, I also put on a rational gear ratio- 15/45 is a joke for offroad. 14/48 fits with the stock chain length and is useable everywhere, and relaxed at 70mph, I've recently added a link to go to 14/50.

With a larger sprocket you'll need to flip the insert shown to make the chain guide line up correctly.

More soon...
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