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Originally Posted by jpalamar
Phil, I just don't think that there's is any explanation coming from BMWNA as to what's causing this. C'mon, if someone knew what's causing it they would fix it, end of story. Warranty reimbursement for dealer labor putting in new part + cost of part, certainly no incentive to either hq nor the dealer. So, since no one really knows for sure what causes the EWS ring failure (or else it would be fixed) this is an issue that will continue. Would this make you or anyone feel better. Go purchase a ring and a #10 Torx, you'll feel better!

DATELINE 4/28/08, 16:40Z. BMWNA announces that its antenna ring failures continue to remain a mystery. Ludwig Hooeydonk, chief engineer continues to express exasparation at BMW's inability to solve this relatively simple problem. He does maintain though that failures are less than 1/10 of 1% across the BMW product line which is well within tolerance for any electrical part. He also stated to this reporter that the website ADVRIDER.COM and its constituency continue to be the the group that represents BMWNA's largest pain in the ass!

If you had given a more realistic German name I might have fallen for it untill the last line! Very funny!


PS The last line is true, but I doubt BMWNA is even bothering to read this forum.
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