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Originally Posted by Papa Pete
Hey out there I posted one pic of my little bike family with no welcome
responce. So I'll try one more time. Hello all, Here is a pic of my new to me NX250 with the rest of the clan. So far so good with this bike,but the last owner did say it had a starting problem. I figure just replace the CDI and maybe try and fix the old one as a backup. This bike is for my wife and she loves it. The NX125 was just a little to doggy for her likes. All though I rode it to work some 15 miles between my hose and work on 55 mile an hour roads. So the little NX has a date with a 185 donor motor and the NX250 is just right the way it is for now.
Hey PapaPete...

We're glad to have you here.....welcome!

Plenty of folk here, who are always here to help...
You've got a nice stable, too
Honda NX250??
I prefer to ride, and when i do, it's 'un Equi

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