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Originally Posted by Nata Harli
WHEW!!! Im glad you came out of that in one piece. Scary shit.

Speaking of equipment. What kind of boots are you wearing?

After breaking my ankle in Flores my first goal was go get a good pair of boots before returning and getting my bike. I ended up with a pair of Alpinestars ( S-MX Plus Racing Boot). They certainly are a big improvement over what I had on when I went down.

Thanks for the great report on Zacatecas . If at all possible, Im going to try and spend a few days there on my way back.
I'm wearing a couple-year-old model of Alpinestars Web Goretex boot. It's not a MX boot by any stretch of imagination, but they're waterproof, durable, and comfortable to wear around town. When I started this trip I only brought the boots and a pair of tevas, so the boots had to work off the bike too. On my last flight to SF (before the half-marathon) I brought back a pair of running shoes to train with, and I've been using those for daily-wear on non-riding days. Since I'm now carrying three pairs of footwear I could probably do with a riding boot that offers more rigidity, although only if I can find one that's waterproof. Next time

Zacatecas... and don't miss Guanajuato! It looks like we're going to be here for another three weeks, for about a month total. I dearly, dearly love this place. I will write about it soon.

San Francisco to Panama and back... eventually?
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