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Originally Posted by PRW
Is it just me or does it appear odd that, looking at the last 5 digits of the part numbers, the "newer" part number is an older numeric sequence? I mean, it's possible, but given typical German precision, 14207 -> 17136 -> 05247 doesn't seem plausible... I think we need to check with a few dealers before posting this to the FAQ as "factual."
I agree with your thinking but when I asked that question the Dealer parts manager said BMW part numbers aren't always in numerical sequence. Seems strange to me also. The dealer called and the part was received today. I again asked the part number and price and he read the information off the invoice: Part no. 61357705247 Price: $82.50. I agree with the rational to keep this number off the FAQ until we get conformation from another dealer. I don't plan on picking up the part until I'm certain it's the latest one.
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