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Mic Motor

Yes I saw the made in China motor. I know at some point these guys will build something that will run like a Honda. For right now they only build stuff that looks like Honda motors. I have a real problem with the thought that China builds what ever they like and then some chainsaw sales shop sells it here with the promise it is a tried and true Honda design, just being made in China. Any problems Honda parts will fit right on and the Honda shops here will fix it for you after we quit selling the things. Bla bla bla. I have a brother that works at a small shop that repair all bikes old or new. they work on a lot of older bikes that they bigger sale shops don't want to deal with anymore. The only thing they won't touch is the MIC bikes. People come in all the time with them and give the sam old line when I bought fom Joe chainsaw sales guy he told me it's just like a Honda. Hell the MIC sparkplugs don't even equate to any plugs know to us.
Oh oh I'm rainting now, So I'll go and suck air out of a paper bag so I calm down! Crap I can't even get paper bags anymore!

You know if they could build this thing better than just how it looks, I would
consider one.
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