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News: I've done my first draft of the rack and pannier rack. They will be separate racks so pannis are removable. This rack is going to be fabricated by Gregster starting soon, assuming he's still up to it. I give him artistic license to deviate from the drawing, and am giving several other models which served as my inspiration as to how I should go about the design. I will be having my frame welded with tabs to mount the pannier rack's lower support bars to.
Key notes to Greg:
Please build so that:
-top surface is at least level or slightly slanted forward when bike is loaded with rider weight (160#) and ~40# cargo.
-seat may be removed easily with racks in place or at least with top rack in place.
-center of gravity as low as possible
-No paint or final grinding neccesary, as I have grinder with various discs and flap wheel, and acess to a blasting cabinet, so I can do the final stuff.

Here's a nice pannier bolt mounting system:

Here's my inspiration for the panniers and it has an offset to the lower support bars which may need to be replicated. I don't mind whether flat or tube stock, or whatever kind of stock is used for that part.

And finally, please look at the post your pics of xr650 L racks and bags thread, which has my favorite rack designs, the noteworthy ones are posts # 19, 32, and 34. Thanks!
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