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Sunday morning 9.00 am in the Catskills I decide to pull on the side to change my wet gloves and take a l,,,k. Try to start the tractor????? All I get is an EWS. FFFFF,,,,,,,,. I am in the middle of the mountains, raining and aprox 45 degree outside. I look around me and all I can see is trees,a poorly county maintain road and no cars on vue for the last 30 min. You want to tell me that after i just sign a 22k,s check two weeks a go I cant even say something because I am whining????. At that time if I had the chance to see that engeneer I would probabily reap his head off, tie him behind my bike to show him where I am going and what i am doing with this bike.Not every one is using this bike for pictures only. I am not against progress or new technology but they should try this on they own pocket not on procentage and probability even if it means that the other company will come with this future on the market a month or six ahead of them. THIS BIKE LOOKS AND SOUNDS LIKE A TRACTOR. SHOULD BE AS RELIABLE AS A TRACTOR if they want me to believe on those nice comercials. It always make me wonder wy my Tacoma with 240 k never fail starting (except a dead battery) and my Buddy M3 got towed to the dealler twice in three months????. No one knows how much the other sacrified to be abble to aford this bike therefor I dont think that enyone have the right to tell me, you or anyone else if i can complain. This is my third BMW Adventure in the last four years and i am pretty sure there will be more to come but they have to put it togheter if they want people to trust them. In the same time M. Von Baden this forum is the only place where people can let it goooo. The fact that you or anyone else is telling us about theirs missfortune I dont take this as "B,M,W. Maybe not every one is as lucky as you or me are.Remember ,,,,this could be the same guy that some day may pull on the side to ask you if you,(I), need any help [/quote]
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