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Originally Posted by lemonhart
Did anyone ever come up with a definitive answer as to whether this does in fact work as a VSS signal for the cruise control?

Originally Posted by rdcyclist
...the Audiovox unit has an upper limit on VSS pulses/mile of 8k.
Originally Posted by AntonLargiader
The GS sensor is probably around 80k per mile. Not even close!!
Originally Posted by rprade
The K1200S and the R1200GS have a connector near the front of the bike for connection to the GPS accessory. This connector has three wires:

Brown = ground (pin 1)
Blue/Green = TAA (pin 2)
Red/White = switched power (pin 3)

I will be hanging a scope off of the TAA lead next weekend, but I am fairly sure it is a conditioned speed pulse from the ZFE (chassis control module).
Originally Posted by AntonLargiader
Yes indeed, TAA is a conditioned speed signal. I hadn't realized it was there on the earlier Hexheads but it is. The GS should have it as well.
It looks like the VR sensor is too 'fast' for the Audiovox. Go for seeing about using the TAA signal.


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