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Tools needed:

Allen wrench (in toolkit)
Wrench (in toolkit)
Needlenose pliers


1 fuel line coupler (or a section of vacuum tube)
1 medium sized vacuum plug

Time: 15-30 min


No one likes a stinky charcoal can ruining their bikes good looks and sapping throttle response! Get that crap off and make a nice spare fuel bottle holder!

Remove your seat and rear body pannel. Try not to lose the allen bolts! Then use your handy supplied wrench (or a socket if you are in a hurry) to take off the mounting straps of the can. Be carefull that the captured nuts do not fall on the ground and roll away. Yank all the hoses off and throw in trash.

Next up attack the servo with full force! pull out the wiring harness and tuck away. It's rubber shock mounted so I just yanked it off and left the mount since it helps support the rear bodywork.

Yank off the big hose (or just cut it if it's giving you lip) and leave there. We will deal with that later.

At this point you are thinking great! I am done lets go ride! Not so fast dude! Unless you like spraying gas all over your chain and your bike not idling there are just a few more steps.

You could just get a new hose but since there is already one routed nice I used a fuel line coupler avalible at any auto parts shop to join the overflow tube.

I routed the overflow tube around the gas cap and down to where the original drain hose goes. If you like I think you could put it all behind the mud flap.

Now about that big tube... If you try and start your bike at this point you may notice it doesn't run long! This tube leads back to the throttle body and must have a vacuum to run right. I tried this generic GM body panel plug which seemed to work like a champ at first but I soon heard that tell-tale vacuum leak hiss! booo! I never liked that hose anyway.

As we trace the hose back we find it neatly tucked away behind the left front body panel. You will probably need a needlenose and a little elbow grease to get it off.

Here we have a proper vacuum plug

Fitted to the hose we just removed. You may want to put a clamp on it but I like to live dangerously.

Re-attach all your bodywork and fire her up!

Thats it your done! Get a MSR bottle and use it for spare fuel or just take off the bracket if you prefer the clean look.

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