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Originally Posted by IND GS
Ok, I dont know what the record is but I've been hit with the EWS THREE times !! lucky for me it happened at home before a weekend ride. Since I have done the work before, I could swap in the new EWS ring under 1/2 hour. So now I have 3 worthless EWS rings including the original once that came with the bike. (Can you believe I have 4 spares !! bought 2 from Singapore and 2 from Chicago BMW in the US). So far the failed ones were the parts out of Singapore and now am using the one from the US.

My mechanic is trying to work around the EWS. Hopefully he will come up with a solution soon or I will probably need to stock up again on antenna's. I love this bike to death but this is gettting to be a bit too much. I have a 07 GS with about 1K miles on it.
I've readily admitted to NOT knowing shit from Shinola, and that my curiosity on this issue is just that: curiosity, BUT ...

put THIS story together with the stuff posted by Poolside, and I start thinking ... "Pssssssst. Maybe it's NOT the ring???"

Poolside: I meant to ask you whether /you/ drew any 'conclusions' from that last post of yours ... about how the codes are generated and recognized. To me, that looks like another couple of major possible failure points.

It may simply be coincidence that the bikes start after the rings are replaced.


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