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Originally Posted by Zombie_Stomp
42941.0 miles. Any stats on how much longer well maintained 600cc rfvc engines tend to go on running for? This will help me decide whether to A) raise money and rebuild the top end, b)whole engine, or c)just run it till it needs rebuild.
Or any other suggestions...
That's about thru a XL600s life for total long ride possibly end up in the middle of noehwere type reliability. So, at the very least, Id rebuild the top end and carbs and install a new cam and cam chain and tensioners. At leas then, you'd know where you stand. I see XR,XL600s go to 60K but that's rare without a top end or at least a new cam chian and tensioners. The cam chain and tensioners and the pulser coil and ignitor on the stator were problems on the XL600R....
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