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Originally Posted by NBeener
Can't argue with that, but ... it makes one wonder: IF they had determined that it was the ring, then one might HOPE they analyzed the failed rings and found [wait for it] an actual problem that supported that theory.

If they didn't ... but, rather were poking around in the dark ... maybe they're not as smart as we think ... OR ... their desire NOT to elevate the profile of this thing is hampering their efforts at resolving it.

Some random code generator that's tied to the same algorithms as the key (like many companies issue to employees for off-site log-in to their servers) seems a lot more likely (to me) to glitch every 100,000th (or whatever) time than the passive antenna ring.

I'm not saying this should be simple, but I'm starting to think that their unwillingness to tackle this thing in a stark, honest manner may be hindering their ability to fix it in a timely fashion.

F'rinstance: what if they took the BIKE back from half a dozen people with EWS failures and flew a couple engineers out to evaluate the applicable systems from stem to stern, using all their code readers, logic analyzers, and other widgets to try to find the faults.

[Do we have ANY information that they've actually done this ... even from owners within, say, 100 miles of their US offices?]

I may just ping BMWNA ... for shits and giggles ... to see if they have anything new to add....
But then again (I mentioned this somewhere in the thread), it's such a pissant issue relative to total numbers of bikes sold that replacing it a lot easier.

Around WW I (Great War) time we were losing large numbers of people to amoebic dysentery. American medicine was stymied trying to find the cure. People were dying of dehydration as a result of severe diarrhea. Medicos were withholding water to abate the diarrhea. The medical solution was to forget the cause (contaminated water with one-celled amoebas) but treat the sympton which was dehydration. Hydrate the sick, and guess what, they all got well.

Not a one for one but I think perhaps the problem is so miniscule relative to total bikes sold/affected, that BMW may just be treating the symption; that is, slap in a new ring!
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