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Good Luck!

Originally Posted by NBeener
I may just ping BMWNA ... for shits and giggles ... to see if they have anything new to add....
Please let us know if you actually get through to BMWNA and don't get the stock answer to ALL inquires: "Contact your local BMW Dealer"..

My local dealer a couple of weeks ago said that the 'EWS' issue was just a weird fluke on a couple of bikes and had been fixed by BMW...I don't expect rocket scientists but I do expect competent BMW sales and service folks..

I agree with those that stated the impetus to fix this problem is not $$$$ urgent enough for BMW to focus their attention on it...and I honestly don't have faith in their overly inflated and hyped engineering prowess. How can you really trust a company that will not tell you about a if they will not "look me in the eye" they don't earn my trust.

The one owner has three 'EWS' failures? Hmmm..since new antenna at least temporarily fixed it the antenna seems to be part of the issue...but just my take, something else is confusing or frying the antenna and dropping into the 'EWS'..

Sorry for all the Blah, Blah, Blah....I fully know it is just 'pissing into the wind'.
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