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Originally Posted by motoreiter
But then why does replacing the antenna ring seem to fix it (at least temporarily) 100% of the time??

The short answer is: maybe IT didn't. Correlation doesn't necessarily equal causation.

Maybe that's the only thing that changed ... as far as we know at this point. But maybe it's not.

Even under the scenario that there's an overly tight wire/cable tie ... (I really do NOT know the procedure for swapping out rings) ... one cut of one wire (to replace the ring) /could/ temporarily relieve enough strain to close a temporarily open circuit.


As you say, though, some waited it out ... successfully. Heat causes expansion which CAN cause 'opens' in a circuit. Cooling, then, could cause the contraction, closing the circuit.

If it were so simple, and the ring were the problem, it'd be difficult to figure out why there are several (apparent) versions of the ring issued since this all started.

It's just an epoxied ball of wire, no?
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