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OK, reading the last 10 or so posts has been entertaining.

Maybe there is a possibility that this is a software induced hardware problem. The key is not recognized for whatever reason, and the security software glitches & freezes out the current ring. I like that theory about the numbers generator glitching every once in a while. When it does glitch maybe it causes further security software glitches.

It would be interesting to see if unplugging the existing ring from the harness, maybe futzing with trying to start the bike with no ring, then plugging the existing (apparently defective ring) back in, and see if the bike starts. Has anybody taken a "defective" ring and tried it in another bike?

I guess what I'm thinking is maybe the very act of unplugging and plugging back in the ring is somehow performing a reset?

I like this thread as the EWS problem, while a pain in the ass, IMO, is not as bad as the FD, which you can't really carry a spare for. I mean we are all bitching about having to carry what may be as cheap as an $85 part like its the end of the world on a $20K bike.

I have yet to read about a EWS problem on a Ducati board. Those crazy Italians and their unreliable electronics

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