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Originally Posted by strikingviking
Re: GPS in Russsia. I have been in touch with Herbert and he says it's wise to declare it upon entry and maybe cover it at check points. He doubts they will know what it is anyway.
I intend to list it as an electronic map in the customs declaration so I won't get hassled when I depart Russia.
Pete--Where did you buy your carnet down in BA? How much was it? See you on the Mongolian border 7/10.
I guess Herbert would know regarding GPS in Russia. I normally call it an electronic map anyway when people ask what it is. When I try to explain to people that I'm using satelites to get around, they tend not to believe me anyway.

I got my carnet by contacting Suzanne Danis at the Canadian Automobile Association on Grant Johnsons recomendation (you have to call, because her spam blocker blocks you if you're not on her approved list). She really knows here stuff and was a pleasure to work with. It should be at Dakar motors by Tuesday, arriving by Fed Ex. It costs about $400, but you have to post at least the value of you bike. If you are going to somewhere like India (which I recommend) you will have to post 300% of your bikes value. Plan on at least 120%. I tried telling her my bike was only worth $1,600, but she used the blue book value. The CAA hangs onto the money and if you bring the bike back to the US, you get the money back (no interest). You have to get the carnet in the country the bike is registered in so if your bike is still registered in Panama, you better get to work. The US is the only country that does not participate in this system, but the Canadians have agreed to do it for us (and charge us more than Canadians pay).

See you on the road.

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