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Ring antenna part availablility as of today:
Discontinued & no longer in stock @ BMW USA:


Discontinued & quantity one remaining in stock @ BMW USA:

Current latest ring antenna:

78 currently in stock @ BMW USA:

61357705247 !!!

MSRP = $82.52


Written explanation from BMW about the nature of the several part numbers in the chain, about any qualitative differences among them, about the next (perhaps imminent) new part number to be created, about any one of the part numbers being defective or better or worse than any other, etc etc:

None at all.

See note below.


(Note: With BMW and other OEM part systems, there is such a thing as a "forward-only" supercession, where "The new part can be used in place of the old part, but the old part cannot be used in place of the new part". Among the five antenna numbers created to date, depending on individual bike VIN, there are a few such supercessions. So, it is not absolutely true that any one of the five numbers can be used on any bike. BMW has not in print instructed dealers to discontinue use of any of the four "older" numbers; dealers are welcome (whilst keeping any F-O supercessions in mind) to sell and install them until depleted. Rendering a globally-relevant, detailed and meaningful explanation of the limitations of such supercessions in this case is not feasible. Rather, one can ask which part number or numbers can and should currently be used on any one VIN.

Dealer solution:

Consult dealer-only 'ETK' catalog for proper part number per individual VIN; sell what is on the shelf unless contraindicated by forward-only supercession, or order appropriately from BMW and sell whatever they ship.

Consult your local dealer per your VIN for current proper antenna.
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