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Its a rare day when I ride in jeans, but it has happened. After 35 yrs of riding, I long ago gave up proselytizing to the t-shirt crowd. If you are comfortable with the risks and outcomes, far be it from me to protect your gene pool.

For me, its not my skills that I am worried about on the road - its the other guy's. There is just no way for me to quantify when granny is going to left turn me.

FWIW I think its goofy argument that since m/c riding is inherently dangerous we shouldn't be concerned with safety. But hey, it's your head and I probably won't miss you when you are gone.

Originally Posted by biggyfries
There is no magical combination of gear that will remove all risk of injury. Question--why ride motorcycles (an inherently dangerous activity) if you are preoccupied with safety? I know a guy who acts like he's trying to stifle a gag reflex everytime he sees me riding in sneakers or a t-shirt. He says little, but keeps making faces, rolling eyes, etc. He evangelizes ATTGATT, but in his personal life he's an atheist and digs abortion. Got no time for this dork.

In a recent Motorcyclist magazine there is an interesting old photo of some of my favorite racers on the baddest bikes of the day, (1960's) battling it out in a dirt oval, and they were wearing NO armor at all, lace-up work boots, no gloves, no face protection other than a little half-visor over what looked like a Buco helmet on Cal Rayborn. (yeah, I know he died in a racing accident, don't know the specifics) I started riding in 1964 and didn't even own a helmet til 1972. I've even had a couple of fairly serious wrecks, one where I bunged up my helmet, too. So why do I ride in a t-shirt, no gloves, hell even in shorts sometimes? Because I'm a big boy, capable of assessing my risks and managing them to suit myself accordingly. I don't raise hell with the ATTGATT freaks, and I would ask them to avert their eyes in silence if my riding gear (or lack of) makes them squeamish.

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