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Helmet, boots, and gloves 99% of the time. But what do I know I am a smoker and that surgeon general guys has been warning for years! lol

I have heard of people claiming they wont ride with someone unless they are ATGATT but havent had it come up yet personally. I will have a hard time with that one. If you feel that my lack of extra safety equipment is somehow going to jinks you during the ride you are nuts. In fact even if I WERE to jinks you and somehow made you biff, wouldnt you feel comfortable knowing that you have the new annilator 3000 kevlar jacket with front and side air impact bags on? I wear what I want when I want. I also believe it is my perogitive to strike somebody. Yep. um hum. I have a huge tolerence for bullshit, but once in a great moon, some people just need a quick jab to the old pie hole. Yea, call me a hillbilly, or a thug, but I am not. I hate people that think it is OK to critisize, talk down, offend, and treat like shit without regard. I smile and punch. Sue me

Edit, Ok I am not that bad, but I sure felt better bitching on here last night then to take it out on people I do like, lol!

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