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Originally Posted by Wallowa

I do thank you for a candid response and to my knowledge your are the only BMW dealer that has spoken up...but damn Dave!

No compelling reason for you or any dealer to pick up the phone and bother BMW with a question! Gawd forbid!

Give me a break here....just selling an antenna to a customer after running the VIN and never, never asking why the hell they are failing and why there are seemingly endless "new" versions?

Compelling reason Dave: Service and responsibility to the customers that bought the bikes. Forget the "bad form" and deliver substance.

Are BMW dealers afraid of BMW pulling their dealerships if they question problems with the bike? Dealers seem to just pass the buck by saying; "BMW has not informed us" and BMW says "See your dealer"...Pure Catch-22.

No compelling reason to make an inquire...what a crock!
Just goes to show that many dealers really don't care unless it affects their bottom line.

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