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Originally Posted by AntonLargiader
Wow, guys. Shoot the messenger. IMO Dave contributes some pretty good info here.

I wouldn't consider fueling this threadfest to be a compelling reason for a dealership to ask their BMWNA contact to run around looking for answers to fairly vague questions. If Irv Seaver's keeping their customers happy, great. Why not talk to your own dealer and convince him that he has a reason to ask?
First, I know Jim can handle himself..but I am the one who asked why dealers don't ask BMW for answers to problems that arise on our bikes...Dave may contribute valuable insights but this is not one of them. Or perhaps it really is one. He delivered his message and the substance of it seems like a kiss-off of his responsibility as a BMW dealer to his customers. He is not carrying anyone elses water, it was Dave's message. Dave at best is a willing accomplice by remaining silent and not contacting BMW but BMW is the silent power behind the curtain.

Again that no "compelling reason" to ask BMW about a defect in our bikes?

As Dave said beyond "Besides idle curiosity, or perhaps worry about my own EWS-equipped bike,..." he had no compelling reason to call BMW or ask the questions. Does this seemingly endless thread seem like inquries that are motivated by 'idle curiosity' and are made for 'no compelling reason'?

A bike immobilized by a faulty ignition system is a defective ignition/anti-theft system and a very compelling issue. No splitting hairs about the meaning of "is" or what constitutes a defect; this is a defective product.

I am not asking for an answer from BMW to a "vague question"; but rather very direct and succinct questions:

#1 What is causing the "EWS" immobilization of our bikes?

#2 How can we owners prevent this immobilization?

#3 Why the different iterations [different part numbers] of antenna used to replace antenna on bikes immobilized with the "EWS"?

#4 What changes have been made in the successive stream of replacement antenna?

Why the hell are the dealers afraid of BMW? Why not ask the questions of BMW? As a dealer I would be embarassed to say I didn't want to "bother" BMW with such mundane, trivial questions as why are my customers getting stranded and how can I prevent it.

Lastly, being dismissive of problems arising on our bikes destroys the credibility of the dealers and BMW. Getting the stonewall or non-response silence is not the fulfilling the contract we made with BMW and the dealer when we paid for our bikes; you know the one where they pledge excellence in customer support and service. We paid for a product and product support we are not getting; simpling ordering up another antenna after we get stuck somewhere with a dead bike is damage control not correcting a defect nor acting in the best interests of your customers.
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