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Texas has a pretty good helmet law - if you don't have health insurance, you gotta wear a helmet - so you're less likely to spend the rest of your life in a nursing home with a brain injury on the taxpayer's nickel. Other than that I don't care who wears what, except for those who whine about motorcycle awareness like they expect the cagers to be responsible for their safety but won't wear the gear.

For me , trying to go ATGATT is a personal choice - just between me and my skin - and I'm happy to ride with anybody. I started riding in June '05 after taking 30yrs off. Since June '05 I've clocked 44,000 miles with only one minor get-off. I was fully geared up at the time and was able to get up and ride another 250 miles home.

ATGATT is easy in cold weather, last summer my goal was to never ride with the armored mesh jacket, which I did. This summer my (personal) goal is to always wear the knee & hip armor too. I commute most days and in winter I'm already in the habbit of changing out of my gear when I get to work. So there's no reason why I can't do it all year.

I'm also looking for some hot weather boots with good protection. Any suggestions?
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