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Tzibanza and Bernal: Day 2, Sat, Aril 26

Day 2 of my three day weedend...

Saturday: since I wasn't trying to see how many miles I could ride in a day, I took my time getting going. About 11:00 I left the helmet, mc jacket and pants behind and went exploring. There really is only one way in and out to Tzibanza, but I did see another cobblestone road that veered off yesterday and wanted to see where it lead. On the way found some nice overlooks.

It was hot and black wasn't probably the best of colors to be wearing, but I used what I had to ward off the the sun...besides my wife liked the photo

I decided to hire one of the motorboats to go for a mini cruise, and they wanted 10 dollars for about 45 minutes. Once we agreed the guy asks his son Fernando if he wants to take me and he agrees. Fernando is all of 12 years old. Cool, same age as my son. Fernando tells me the lake actually rises to the top of the white line every time it rains a bit.

They wanted $85 per night for these; $10 was better.

By 3:00 it was time to head out and see where the road would take me. A couple of parting shots of Tzibanza. The hostal and the island cabins are the only lodging options here, but you can also camp by the lakeside.

Nancy (on left) and her friend (not Anabel from the day before) finally let me take their picture—a shyness thing more than anything. They were fun, wanted to learn some English so we practiced greetings and very basic English. They didn't know one single word! They asked where I was from. Oregon didn't register so I tried California—nope! But they said they wanted to go someday. They kept saying they wanted a ride on the bike and I offered to take them up the hill so they wouldn't have to walk but they chickened out. Next time they told me.

Nice stone house in “downtown” Tzibanza

The main street as you leave Tzibanza. The entrance to the hostal and lake is at the corner to the left. If I had to guess, I'd say about 200 people live here. I've not found a map yet that has Tzibanza on it!

Of course, even the tiniest of towns have them...

More of Day 2 to come shortly...

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